Thursday, December 22, 2011

Death To All - European tour 2012!

w/ Requiem (Ch) + Tormention (Swe) + Erupdead (Ch)

06.01 2012 GER - Lugau - Iron Eagle
07.01 2012 GER - Straubing - Sommerkeller
08.01 2012 GER - Memmingen / Tannheim - Schwarzer Adler
09.01 2012 ITA - Comacchio - Voodoo Club
10.01 2012 ITA - Milano - Blue Rose Saloon
11.01 2012 GER - Mannheim - 7er Club
12.01 2012 BEL - Antwerpen - De Rots
13.01 2012 FRA - Valenciennes - IgelRock
14.01 2012 BEL - Oostende - JH OHK
Achtung! We are thrilled to announce our return to central Europe for some selected battles in Germany, Italy, Belgium and France during January 2012. Support will come from Requiem (ch), Tormention (swe) and Erupdead (ch) making this a lethal package of true death metal darkness!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Blood In - Blood Out...

The Demonical Horde - Dec 2011

We have hereby officially parted ways with drummer Ronnie Bergerståhl and replaced him with Fredrik Widigs. Fredrik has been our stand-in drummer during the past autumn, hence making him the obvious choice for the throne and full time position.

Besides that, we are also thrilled to announce that our session live-guitarist Pablo Magallanes has become an official member of Demonical.

We want to thank Ronnie for all the years in the band and wish him the best for the future! We welcome Fredrik and Pablo into Demonical, with this new and strong line-up we are more than ready for 2012 and everything it will bring. The ones involved have spoken:

Ronnie Bergerståhl:
“As most of you know by now, I decided to sit out the Demonical tour which took place in October/November. I thought about it for months before the tour started and in my heart I basically decided already then to quit the band. However, I gave it some time but now I have taken the last final decision: I will quit Demonical!

The main reason is that it is getting harder and harder to combine two touring bands like Demonical and Grave - to give them equal priority - and as Demonical will be doing a shit load of festivals and shows in 2012 and Grave will release a new album (with extended touring to follow) it will be impossible.

There is absolutely NO hard feelings between me and the guys in Demonical, we will still be doing lots of "hadderajjan" together after this, hehe…!!

I'm really excited to see who's going to take my place in the band but I know that they won't settle for anything or anyone but the best!”

Fredrik Widigs:
"It’s a great privilege for me to be a part of Demonical and after the much successful “Eastern Death Infernal tour 2011”, I'm very eager to continue to spread the Swedish Death Metal Darkness. The march for victory has only begun!"

Pablo Magallanes:
“It’s a great honor to officially be a part of Demonical and to be able to develop the death metal sound among and with friends and professional musicians.”

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Swedens finest...

Bryggeriet - Motala, SWE - 2/12:
So after a couple of weeks off since the Eastern Death Infernal tour here we go again. Lets try to keep this blog up, at least for now...

Target of the evening being Little Chicago, also known as Motala. Had to leave our homes early to get to the venue in time. Needless to say, showing up well in time before schedule, we were left to wait some hours for the promotor to open due to some kind of communication fail. Anyway, some hour late we were finally let in and could put our shit together. Being a weekend show in Sweden the stage times are rather late, giving us time enough anyway.

The backstage room is already legendary, located next to a grease separator, which was of course emptied (or fixed, or something) just some day before. No further comments needed.

HANG THE BASTARD from the UK opened the gig around 11 PM. Right before we were gonna play we realized that this venue actually appears in the great "Story of Anvil" (there is a scene in the movie, after they played at Sweden Rock, where the "tour continues" and they do a show in front of an audience consisting of two guys, one of them sleeping... well, that's the place...).

Luckily, we had more people than ANVIL, and a good response. The Motala-people showed what they were made of, drinking and fighting and keeping the security and police personel busy during the night.

Thanks for a good Friday night!

Metal Club - Karlstad, SWE - 3/12:
Not too pleasant waking up around 8 o’clock in the morning, but life can't be fair all the time, just ask Dave Mustaine. Having picked up our stuff at Bryggeriet around nine, we left towards Karlstad and an early soundcheck at Metal Club. Having finished that shit around 5 PM, most of the guys went to the hotel to sleep some hours and get back in shape so to speak...

After an awesome dinner at the venue, people started to show up after 9 PM. It turned out that the venue wass "mixed", half the place was the home for some kind of typical Saturday night disco while the other half was the home of Metal Club. It looked a bit weird having hordes of homosexuals passing by, dressed up in fancy "going out"-dresses and all that, but it worked alright.

The support band of the evening was SKRAECKOEDLAN from Norrköping. They did a good show combining traditional Swedish prog-rock with more American sounding stoner. Check them out.

Our concert turned out very good, the place was packed and with a very good support from the Karlstad-audience! Thank you!

VOMITORY-fellas gave us the latest gossip on what happened on their tour since they left us in Bratislava a month earlier and it was great seing some other old friends as well, especially brothers and sisters who had travelled all the way from Ramnäs, Jämtland etc.

After the venue closed we had some kind of afterparty at the hotel with some guys of SKRAECKOEDLAN, educating us in dumpster recycling among other interesting things...

A great evening, all in all!

A month off starting today - 4/12
Fredrik was upset that there were no pancakes at the hotel's breakfast buffee and wanted a refund (of course we didn’t pay anything for the breakfast, but still...)

We weren’t back in Stockholm until 6 o’clock in the afternoon and eventually in Avesta around 9 PM. Thanks to our awesome crew Eva and Rebecca the weekend turned out smooth and good in all aspects.

As most people know we will unfortunately not perform in Texas this coming weekend due to reasons that we have already stated on our website and Facebook. Well at least we are not alone cancelling our performance at the Rites of Darkness Festival, other bands forced to do the same includes: MORTUARY DRAPE, ROOT, TRIBULATION, SARGIEST, BEHEXEN, DEAD CONGREGATION, INTERMENT, URFAUST, BUTCHER ABC, GENERAL SURGERY, BIRTH AD, HOUR OF 13, AKITSA, NUNSLAUGTHER, STRID, VALKYRJA, FUNEBRARUM, DISMA, EVOKEN, HELLVETRON, STARGAZER, PAGAN ALTAR, LOSS, DIVINE EVE and HELL MILITIA. Those are the bands that we know of, the list of cancellations is probably even longer.

Anyway, we will perform in the US in May next year and are truly looking forward to this.

Now we take a month off and prepare to return to the road in January.

Watch out!