Thursday, November 17, 2011

The last days of insanity...

Metal Schuppen - Leipzig, GER - 10/11:
Back in Deutschland then! Döner in the city, local bier, and the smallest stage of this tour so far. Well, the venue in general wasn't exactly Wembley, but with a cool DIY spririt.

Just a couple of hrs before our gig, the "party tram" passed by some block away and it was close that our concert was fuckin' cancelled in favour of other duties.

Serious business...
After some food (that lasted for at least 10 persons) and the most silent radio interview in history of broadcasting (some local radio station interviewed Sverker in the tour bus while the driver was sleeping) we did our shit for the Leipzig people for the first time in a couple of years (last time was at Hellraiser, 2009?). The show turned out cool, with "Leipzig 45" as the grande finale of course. Also cool to see some old friends back, with Thomas from ARROGANZ and some other dudes passing by.

Unfortunately we had to leave rather fast after the show, so after some more Döner and a fast load-out we left our drum carpet on stage and fucked off to Berlin!


Hof 23 - Berlin, GER - 11/11:
Arriving early, as usual. Rather big and cool place and personel already working on the stage and sound early in the day. Tonight's gig is a part of a 2-day event with DEMONICAL headlining Friday and ASPHYX Saturday. All-in-all five bands playing this particular evening (apart from the touring team, there is also a German band + an Irish band performing). We have all been looking forward to this show; only the name of the event (Brutz & Brakel Stromgitarrenfest) should be enough to attend, right?

After some pretty good food, people start showing up at the venue; many people we know are showing up also today, which is always cool, especially the team from our record label sets a steady tone.

Our great driver Marcus' girlfriend Sanna also shows up here in Berlin, and they sneak out on their own dinner (turns out they got engaged - congratulations sisters!).

SLYTRACT opens the evening, followed by the German band NECROMORPH and then the Irish SYPHOR... After them VOLTURYON (from Borlääänge, Sweden) does a very appreciated show, and finally around 00:30 it is time for us to enter the Hof 23 stage. By then the audience of some 250 ppl are warmed up to an orgazmic frenzy, meaning the Flow is On. Everything works out cool, and before the last song the Brutz & Brakel staff comes up with some steady shots for the band and front row audience (needless to say, we played some extra songs in exchange for extra shots).

The Slytract shredders in hadderajjan mode!
The Blues Brothers...
Drinking business...
Free booze = win!!

The whole tour package incl crew had free cocktails in the bar until 04:00 o'clock, and the rest of the night is history...

Alte Post - Emden, GER - 12/11:
What happened? Confusion in the bus as people start waking up; turns out only very few people remembers what happened the night before, if any. Apparently the newly engaged bus driver Marcus more or less took care of the entire equipment load-out himself, with the help of random people and nobody knows who (one of the advantages of having a pro driver).

Needless to say, tons of private stuff is missing; iphones, Johan Volturyon's whole bag of clothes, some microphones, pedals, cameras etc... To sum things up, it must have been Harmageddon... again. But at least all the people are on board, and the bus is rolling towards Emden.

The gig of the evening is a part of another yearly 2-day event, "Ear Terror Festival". The only three bands performing on Saturday though are us (SLYTRACT, VOLTURYON and DEMONICAL).

After the most hung-over soundcheck of the tour so far, people goes back to the bus to recover before the show. Around 23 it's time for us to end the festival, and by then all is well and the flow is on. The gig turns out good with some 100 people supporting us through the show.

Thank you Germany for once again supporting Old School Death Metal!


The Rock - Copenhagen, DEN - 13/11:
Another rather big venue, doing lots of shows here... The show was actually promoted by the girl handling our merchandise on the tour, and it's a cool place to play.

Didn't get any food in the day, but took a walk down the centre and found the heaviest grill south of Traneberg, with delicious meat for the team.

After the mandatory group pic on stage with all members of the tour team, SLYTRACT do their thing and then start their 1000km drive back to Hungary. Thanks for an awesome tour, boys!

Eastern Death Infernal professional elite drivers!!

As usual, our driver is resting during the evening. During our gig, three arabs comes up with the great idea to rob our bus. Again, Marcus save our asses, and scare the poor parasites away from the scene (of course, Johan Volturyon was the only member to get something stolen - his bad luck during this tour is simply unmatched)

Despite reminders, The Rock unfortunately didn't pay any attention to our vodka demands this evening, so after the show we had to collect all beer we could find before fucking off towards home with some Carlsberg's in our hands. A bit humiliating.

The fucking end... 14/11:
Back in Sweden, MAX is closed. Had to get some McD-food in the night, before finally in the middle of the day finding an open MAX in Örebro.

After dropping off VOLTURYON, 40% of DEMONICAL and most of our gear in Avesta, the bus head towards Stockholm where the last people lives - and the tour is completed!

It's been a truly awesome tour - thanks to all the great promotors, all local support bands, our great crew, VOLTURYON for their awesome efforts and survival instincts, SLYTRACT of course, but most important all the people showing up at the concerts, supporting our crusade behind the iron curtain!

Unfortunately we have been a bit slow with updating the blog when on the road, so we'll see if it's worth continuing this tradition or not... But see all you people soon again - blog or not!

Next crusade: Värmland in three weeks!


/ Demonical Hellfire Horde

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeding The Armageddon...

Zion Club - Pecs, HUN - 5/11:
Third time to play in Pecs in some three years (if you count the Rockmaraton festival that is).

Traditional delayed get-in. Being at the venue some hours before time is usually a good idea on tour. Here, not so much. Whatever. Some hours late we are let in to set everything up. It is the smallest stage on the tour so far, but things turn out alright after Martin has practiced the Judas Priest basist position on soundcheck.

When SLYTRACT are gonna do their show, we again suspect that there is something rotten in the state of the bass rig. Fortunately, this time it was only the local support band who accidently kidnapped the speaker cables after their gig. Some pizzas and beers later we do our show, and the response is very good, most people being in Saturday night mode. The audience is supportive through the whole gig (except the annoying hippie in Suffocation shirt), moshing and banging, and it turns out to be our best concert in Pecs so far.

When leaving, our friendly promotor of the evening gave us some serious warnings about Budapest, Hanneman having been robbed by hookers and all that...

Can't wait!

Day-off - Budapest, HUN - 6/11:
Just some lame pictures that summarizes the day...

Joy outside the bus before a nice shower at a gym.
Markus enjoying a nice cold beer!

Rocktogon - Budapest, HUN - 7/11:
The venue turns out to be right in the middle of the city, impossible to reach with the nightliner, so we park somewhere outside the centre, and the local personel come pick us and our gear up with some vans. The place is cool, and after the longest soundcheck in history of Death Metal, we are served some great hungarian food and doors open.

It is Johan's 40th birthday today, which is celebrated with some dessert and drinks and SLYTRACT bring some bottles that looks... tasty!

Palinka power!! Thanx again SLYTRACT!!
So far on this tour the response from the audience has been awesome, but tonight we suspect will be the first fail in that area, Monday night and no people at the time doors open. Luckily it turns out that people in Budapest just like coming late to the shows; by the time we play the audience is really good, and the gig turn out awesome.

The people attending also knows how to throw a good afterparty, which is appreciated by our team and management. Around 05:00 everybody are back in the bus, where half the team has been waiting since 01:00.

Widda taking a powernap backstage...

This is Buddha, and this is Pest. Who do YOU like best?

Randal Club - Bratislava, SVK - 8/11:
Back in Slovakia then! We start the day in good old fashin by fighting with some parking personel around the parking fee, and then walk the city or whatever.

Vomitory tourpackage.

The billing this Tuesday evening actually consists of two tours; our team + VOMITORY, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT and SOLACE OF REQUIEM. We meet them at the above mentioned bus parking; needless to say they face the same issues we earlier did, and fuck off from there.

SLYTRACT open the evening and people start dropping in. After cool gigs by VOLTURYON and SOLACE OF REQUIEM, the flow really comes with PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT on stage. After them, we enter the stage, and the gig is really good, our best one in Slovakia probably. It was great seeing back people from gigs we did in other cities in Slovakia in the past, and also good to see our good ol merch guy Jackie back!

Vomitory blasting Bratislava!

After us, VOMITORY did a great gig, unfortunately the other tour decided to be a bit professional and leave right after the gig (we, not so much...). See you in Karlstad in december!

After some hours of post show duties, we fucked off towards Czech Republic.

We are Demonical and we play Death Metal.


Brooklyn - Brno, CZ - 9/11:
Short drive from Bratislava and arrival in Brno round 06:00 giving us a long day checking out the city drinking Czech beer. Our first time in Brno, but having played many times in Prague and at Czech festivals we still felt a good support here. The great promotor had fixed things very well, and when entering the stage the audience was in a very good flow this Wednesday evening. The concert turned out awesome. Old friends since a decade showed up and post show duties included more beer, white russians and hours of pole dance. Czech Republic rules as always!

March Of The Hordes supported us!!
No free Vodka for Demonical??!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ripping it up Romanian style!

Euphoria Music Hall - Cluj Napoca, ROM - 2/11:
Mr tour manager a stroke today. After he recovered he cleaned the whole bus on his own in order to avoid further damage to his mental state. Somewhere in the mess, he found Johan Volturyun's computer too; appearantly he didn't forget it at some bar, he just brought it into the bus by mistake. Johan's chances of still having a job after the tour just increased with at least 5%.

Cluj is the second biggest city in Romania - but maybe not a big-big city. Meeting Ms Elly who promoted the gig first thing she says is "I heard a rumour you guys did the city tonight?". Ok? Could be.

The Euphoria Music Hall is not what you would imagine the ordinary romanian concert hall to be, being new since one year and quite modern, almost in central Cluj Napoca. Everything was very well fixed with great catering waiting for lunch, great dinner etc. - thanks to the awesome crew of EMH and Hatework!

Volturyon ripping it up!

The gig was great, with very strong support from the metalheads of Cluj. We didn't use the backdrop today due to practical reasons - the club then took the chance to run some ciggarette commercials from a projector through our whole gig. Shouldn't we get at least some free Camel packages in return?

Since it was a Wednesday, most people attending to the show disappeared right after we stopped playing, leaving the tour people alone to handle the post show duties. Said and done, we packed the (cleaned) bus, continued there and the rest is history... Hope to be back in Cluj soon again.

Bus/road/back to normal...

Club Fabrica - Bucharest, ROM - 3/11:
Ok, everything is back to normal. The roads of Romania has thrown everything around in the bus again, tied to their places or not. Back to harmageddon, the huge popcorn-machine filled with vodka bottles, beer cans, shoes, towels, socks and anything else you can (and cant) imagine. Tour manager gets his second stroke, and to make it even better most of the people are for some reason sick. Martin, Pablo and Sverker are sick and Johan is Johan. The only healthy in the band is the youngster Freppa.

We start the day with pissing in the children's playground, then check out the venue and set things up. It's a cool place with breakfast waiting for us. The sound guy looks like a droogie but is doing an awesome job. Actually, our very good friend Costin is part-organizing the concert this evening, although the man himself had to leave Romania to do some art exhibitions in America during this period - well done man.

The security...

Our backstage room is guarded by a dead rat, that keep the ladies off our backs (they often become a problem without decent security). The concert this evening was a great one, with a very good audience supporting us. Things worked out good on stage, although half the band being sick. Unfortunately once again most of the people fucked off after the show, but we kept the flag high, and moved down to some bar to celebrate the victory. After having pissed in the children's playground again, we left Bucharest towards Sibiu sometime around 05:00...

Various things that could be thrown into the bus toilet: shit, piss, puke, toilet paper.

Things that maybe doesn't belong there?: paper rolls? socks??

And please don't piss in the children's playground.

Bohemian Flow - Sibiu, ROM - 4/11:
Arriving in Sibiu around 09:00 in a good bohemian flow or at least mood, the last personel finally throws in the towel. We were actually supposed to be at the venue at 11:00, so we are a bit early as always, but it's not until 17 that we are let in by the owner of the place (!).

Whatever, 6-7 hours here or there is not that much of a big deal over here. And it even gives us some extra hours of sleep, or check out the city, or whatever... Having realized that the concept of local guiding is a rather good one, judgeing from the Cluj Napoca experiences, we had some kind of equal set-up here too. Unfortunately things didn't turn out equally good this time.

The place is the smallest so far on the tour. After we set up the stage, we went off to eat some traditional romanian food and therefore unfortunately missed the support band EVERGREED. SLYTRACT did a good gig again, these hungarians are doing amazingly well every day coming in their van with no sleep (?), while we relax in the nightliner. Maybe it is the 200 beers a day that does it. Great shows anyway.

Martin "backstage"!
Slytract warming up!

When we played, the place was completely packed, and the bohemian flow on. We had some sound issues in the beginning (when a girl from the audience actually comes up on stage telling Sverker "don't play anymore until the sound is fixed" - then you know for sure that things arent top notch), but after two songs of kaos the pizza solved everything, and the show could go on.

Afterwards we stayed at the venue for some Friday night duties, and especially a half naked half crazy guy doing drum kareoke did a strong impression on all of us. But around 03:00 we had to fuck off to Hungary and say bye to Romania for this time, after some four awesome days.

Hadderajat, soplinca! (?!)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hadderajjan deluxe...

Anaal fest + Halloween party!!??

Club Naozzay - Nitra, SVK - 31/10:
Nitra then. First time here, but we have good memories from other cities in Slovakia in the past so we expect the best. Concert went well, the new bass amp from Warsaw seem to hold up, and we continued the evening in Polish tradition also in Slovakia. Positive thing about these places is that you can bring your own (usually home-made) drinks to the clubs, something of course many trve DEMONICAL fans does (and of course want us to drink of - yummie)

After a steady warm-up in Baltikum and Poland, the tour finally starts flowing for real. After Club Naozzay closed, we were shown to some other place in the city. The street ladies outside made us think we walked into a bordel, but it turned out to be a hard rock club in there, many people from the concert was there too. A rough estimation of 100% of the people here would have been thrown out of any ordinary bar in Stockholm (bartenders included). 

Pre afterparty - mixing backup vodka at the parkinglot.
Då går vi på pöbben!!
Pablo is happy...
Lack of management...
Slovakian style...

Johan Volturyon decided that it was a good idea to bring his computer to the after party; needless to say he has no computer no more (and possibly no job).

Some time after 06:00 it was time to go back to the bus. A mob of 7-8 people waited for us outside to "beat long hair guys"; luckily Pablo the Ruthless scared them away on his own. The last persons managed to get on the tour bus around 10 minutes pre last call.


Day-off - SVK/HUN/ROM - 01/11:
Leaving Nitra, some people went to bed, some not, and the kaos continues with people waking up and joining into after party pt II. The trip is kind of bumpier and slower than expected, people and junk flying around in the bus in somewhat of a rollin harmageddon.

Needless to say, we can't find anywhere to eat properly on this route. Finally in Cluj in the evening, the bus looks worse than ever. Janne is watching a documentary on her computer about people with some kind of braindisorder, making them unlable to clean their homes. The homes filmed looks quite a lot neater than our tour bus now.

Alex in Volturyon just woke up for the busparty!

A dozen scandinavian bums goes out in Cluj trying to get some food, as most people haven't eaten anything since dinner the day before... This project fails of course, and we wind up at McDonalds. People starts passing out, others goes out to check some bars. We actually got ourselves a guide in the evening (or two actually), taking care of some sightseeing for us (thank you Laura & Bogdan!). The only sight seen though was the Hard Cafe, a bar in another district of the city (if someone cares to find it, you just drive up the big hill with the hookers, and when there are no hooker no more, then you are there).

At our entrance they started playing some songs from our last album, making us feel welcomed. We also learn from some people that "hadderajan" in romanian means "train going off track". Actually makes sense.

The best conversation of the evening sounded something like this:

Waitress: "We will close at maybe four."
Fredrik: "Maybe we wanna stay, what then? How are you gonna throw this guy out?" (Fredrik looking at Sverker) "He is like two times as big as you are."
Waitress: "We have guns for that."
Fredrik: "The best thing is that you are not even joking."
Waitress: "Yes, no joking."

We decided to leave the Hard Cafe when they wanted to close.

Bar/shit/pants/good fuckin night.