Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hadderajjan deluxe...

Anaal fest + Halloween party!!??

Club Naozzay - Nitra, SVK - 31/10:
Nitra then. First time here, but we have good memories from other cities in Slovakia in the past so we expect the best. Concert went well, the new bass amp from Warsaw seem to hold up, and we continued the evening in Polish tradition also in Slovakia. Positive thing about these places is that you can bring your own (usually home-made) drinks to the clubs, something of course many trve DEMONICAL fans does (and of course want us to drink of - yummie)

After a steady warm-up in Baltikum and Poland, the tour finally starts flowing for real. After Club Naozzay closed, we were shown to some other place in the city. The street ladies outside made us think we walked into a bordel, but it turned out to be a hard rock club in there, many people from the concert was there too. A rough estimation of 100% of the people here would have been thrown out of any ordinary bar in Stockholm (bartenders included). 

Pre afterparty - mixing backup vodka at the parkinglot.
Då går vi på pöbben!!
Pablo is happy...
Lack of management...
Slovakian style...

Johan Volturyon decided that it was a good idea to bring his computer to the after party; needless to say he has no computer no more (and possibly no job).

Some time after 06:00 it was time to go back to the bus. A mob of 7-8 people waited for us outside to "beat long hair guys"; luckily Pablo the Ruthless scared them away on his own. The last persons managed to get on the tour bus around 10 minutes pre last call.


Day-off - SVK/HUN/ROM - 01/11:
Leaving Nitra, some people went to bed, some not, and the kaos continues with people waking up and joining into after party pt II. The trip is kind of bumpier and slower than expected, people and junk flying around in the bus in somewhat of a rollin harmageddon.

Needless to say, we can't find anywhere to eat properly on this route. Finally in Cluj in the evening, the bus looks worse than ever. Janne is watching a documentary on her computer about people with some kind of braindisorder, making them unlable to clean their homes. The homes filmed looks quite a lot neater than our tour bus now.

Alex in Volturyon just woke up for the busparty!

A dozen scandinavian bums goes out in Cluj trying to get some food, as most people haven't eaten anything since dinner the day before... This project fails of course, and we wind up at McDonalds. People starts passing out, others goes out to check some bars. We actually got ourselves a guide in the evening (or two actually), taking care of some sightseeing for us (thank you Laura & Bogdan!). The only sight seen though was the Hard Cafe, a bar in another district of the city (if someone cares to find it, you just drive up the big hill with the hookers, and when there are no hooker no more, then you are there).

At our entrance they started playing some songs from our last album, making us feel welcomed. We also learn from some people that "hadderajan" in romanian means "train going off track". Actually makes sense.

The best conversation of the evening sounded something like this:

Waitress: "We will close at maybe four."
Fredrik: "Maybe we wanna stay, what then? How are you gonna throw this guy out?" (Fredrik looking at Sverker) "He is like two times as big as you are."
Waitress: "We have guns for that."
Fredrik: "The best thing is that you are not even joking."
Waitress: "Yes, no joking."

We decided to leave the Hard Cafe when they wanted to close.

Bar/shit/pants/good fuckin night.