Thursday, November 17, 2011

The last days of insanity...

Metal Schuppen - Leipzig, GER - 10/11:
Back in Deutschland then! Döner in the city, local bier, and the smallest stage of this tour so far. Well, the venue in general wasn't exactly Wembley, but with a cool DIY spririt.

Just a couple of hrs before our gig, the "party tram" passed by some block away and it was close that our concert was fuckin' cancelled in favour of other duties.

Serious business...
After some food (that lasted for at least 10 persons) and the most silent radio interview in history of broadcasting (some local radio station interviewed Sverker in the tour bus while the driver was sleeping) we did our shit for the Leipzig people for the first time in a couple of years (last time was at Hellraiser, 2009?). The show turned out cool, with "Leipzig 45" as the grande finale of course. Also cool to see some old friends back, with Thomas from ARROGANZ and some other dudes passing by.

Unfortunately we had to leave rather fast after the show, so after some more Döner and a fast load-out we left our drum carpet on stage and fucked off to Berlin!


Hof 23 - Berlin, GER - 11/11:
Arriving early, as usual. Rather big and cool place and personel already working on the stage and sound early in the day. Tonight's gig is a part of a 2-day event with DEMONICAL headlining Friday and ASPHYX Saturday. All-in-all five bands playing this particular evening (apart from the touring team, there is also a German band + an Irish band performing). We have all been looking forward to this show; only the name of the event (Brutz & Brakel Stromgitarrenfest) should be enough to attend, right?

After some pretty good food, people start showing up at the venue; many people we know are showing up also today, which is always cool, especially the team from our record label sets a steady tone.

Our great driver Marcus' girlfriend Sanna also shows up here in Berlin, and they sneak out on their own dinner (turns out they got engaged - congratulations sisters!).

SLYTRACT opens the evening, followed by the German band NECROMORPH and then the Irish SYPHOR... After them VOLTURYON (from Borlääänge, Sweden) does a very appreciated show, and finally around 00:30 it is time for us to enter the Hof 23 stage. By then the audience of some 250 ppl are warmed up to an orgazmic frenzy, meaning the Flow is On. Everything works out cool, and before the last song the Brutz & Brakel staff comes up with some steady shots for the band and front row audience (needless to say, we played some extra songs in exchange for extra shots).

The Slytract shredders in hadderajjan mode!
The Blues Brothers...
Drinking business...
Free booze = win!!

The whole tour package incl crew had free cocktails in the bar until 04:00 o'clock, and the rest of the night is history...

Alte Post - Emden, GER - 12/11:
What happened? Confusion in the bus as people start waking up; turns out only very few people remembers what happened the night before, if any. Apparently the newly engaged bus driver Marcus more or less took care of the entire equipment load-out himself, with the help of random people and nobody knows who (one of the advantages of having a pro driver).

Needless to say, tons of private stuff is missing; iphones, Johan Volturyon's whole bag of clothes, some microphones, pedals, cameras etc... To sum things up, it must have been Harmageddon... again. But at least all the people are on board, and the bus is rolling towards Emden.

The gig of the evening is a part of another yearly 2-day event, "Ear Terror Festival". The only three bands performing on Saturday though are us (SLYTRACT, VOLTURYON and DEMONICAL).

After the most hung-over soundcheck of the tour so far, people goes back to the bus to recover before the show. Around 23 it's time for us to end the festival, and by then all is well and the flow is on. The gig turns out good with some 100 people supporting us through the show.

Thank you Germany for once again supporting Old School Death Metal!


The Rock - Copenhagen, DEN - 13/11:
Another rather big venue, doing lots of shows here... The show was actually promoted by the girl handling our merchandise on the tour, and it's a cool place to play.

Didn't get any food in the day, but took a walk down the centre and found the heaviest grill south of Traneberg, with delicious meat for the team.

After the mandatory group pic on stage with all members of the tour team, SLYTRACT do their thing and then start their 1000km drive back to Hungary. Thanks for an awesome tour, boys!

Eastern Death Infernal professional elite drivers!!

As usual, our driver is resting during the evening. During our gig, three arabs comes up with the great idea to rob our bus. Again, Marcus save our asses, and scare the poor parasites away from the scene (of course, Johan Volturyon was the only member to get something stolen - his bad luck during this tour is simply unmatched)

Despite reminders, The Rock unfortunately didn't pay any attention to our vodka demands this evening, so after the show we had to collect all beer we could find before fucking off towards home with some Carlsberg's in our hands. A bit humiliating.

The fucking end... 14/11:
Back in Sweden, MAX is closed. Had to get some McD-food in the night, before finally in the middle of the day finding an open MAX in Örebro.

After dropping off VOLTURYON, 40% of DEMONICAL and most of our gear in Avesta, the bus head towards Stockholm where the last people lives - and the tour is completed!

It's been a truly awesome tour - thanks to all the great promotors, all local support bands, our great crew, VOLTURYON for their awesome efforts and survival instincts, SLYTRACT of course, but most important all the people showing up at the concerts, supporting our crusade behind the iron curtain!

Unfortunately we have been a bit slow with updating the blog when on the road, so we'll see if it's worth continuing this tradition or not... But see all you people soon again - blog or not!

Next crusade: Värmland in three weeks!


/ Demonical Hellfire Horde