Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeding The Armageddon...

Zion Club - Pecs, HUN - 5/11:
Third time to play in Pecs in some three years (if you count the Rockmaraton festival that is).

Traditional delayed get-in. Being at the venue some hours before time is usually a good idea on tour. Here, not so much. Whatever. Some hours late we are let in to set everything up. It is the smallest stage on the tour so far, but things turn out alright after Martin has practiced the Judas Priest basist position on soundcheck.

When SLYTRACT are gonna do their show, we again suspect that there is something rotten in the state of the bass rig. Fortunately, this time it was only the local support band who accidently kidnapped the speaker cables after their gig. Some pizzas and beers later we do our show, and the response is very good, most people being in Saturday night mode. The audience is supportive through the whole gig (except the annoying hippie in Suffocation shirt), moshing and banging, and it turns out to be our best concert in Pecs so far.

When leaving, our friendly promotor of the evening gave us some serious warnings about Budapest, Hanneman having been robbed by hookers and all that...

Can't wait!

Day-off - Budapest, HUN - 6/11:
Just some lame pictures that summarizes the day...

Joy outside the bus before a nice shower at a gym.
Markus enjoying a nice cold beer!

Rocktogon - Budapest, HUN - 7/11:
The venue turns out to be right in the middle of the city, impossible to reach with the nightliner, so we park somewhere outside the centre, and the local personel come pick us and our gear up with some vans. The place is cool, and after the longest soundcheck in history of Death Metal, we are served some great hungarian food and doors open.

It is Johan's 40th birthday today, which is celebrated with some dessert and drinks and SLYTRACT bring some bottles that looks... tasty!

Palinka power!! Thanx again SLYTRACT!!
So far on this tour the response from the audience has been awesome, but tonight we suspect will be the first fail in that area, Monday night and no people at the time doors open. Luckily it turns out that people in Budapest just like coming late to the shows; by the time we play the audience is really good, and the gig turn out awesome.

The people attending also knows how to throw a good afterparty, which is appreciated by our team and management. Around 05:00 everybody are back in the bus, where half the team has been waiting since 01:00.

Widda taking a powernap backstage...

This is Buddha, and this is Pest. Who do YOU like best?

Randal Club - Bratislava, SVK - 8/11:
Back in Slovakia then! We start the day in good old fashin by fighting with some parking personel around the parking fee, and then walk the city or whatever.

Vomitory tourpackage.

The billing this Tuesday evening actually consists of two tours; our team + VOMITORY, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT and SOLACE OF REQUIEM. We meet them at the above mentioned bus parking; needless to say they face the same issues we earlier did, and fuck off from there.

SLYTRACT open the evening and people start dropping in. After cool gigs by VOLTURYON and SOLACE OF REQUIEM, the flow really comes with PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT on stage. After them, we enter the stage, and the gig is really good, our best one in Slovakia probably. It was great seeing back people from gigs we did in other cities in Slovakia in the past, and also good to see our good ol merch guy Jackie back!

Vomitory blasting Bratislava!

After us, VOMITORY did a great gig, unfortunately the other tour decided to be a bit professional and leave right after the gig (we, not so much...). See you in Karlstad in december!

After some hours of post show duties, we fucked off towards Czech Republic.

We are Demonical and we play Death Metal.


Brooklyn - Brno, CZ - 9/11:
Short drive from Bratislava and arrival in Brno round 06:00 giving us a long day checking out the city drinking Czech beer. Our first time in Brno, but having played many times in Prague and at Czech festivals we still felt a good support here. The great promotor had fixed things very well, and when entering the stage the audience was in a very good flow this Wednesday evening. The concert turned out awesome. Old friends since a decade showed up and post show duties included more beer, white russians and hours of pole dance. Czech Republic rules as always!

March Of The Hordes supported us!!
No free Vodka for Demonical??!!