Thursday, November 03, 2011

Polish breakfast...

Progresja - Warsaw, POLAND - 29/10:
Saturday night behind the iron curtain! Time to rip it up motherfuckers!

At Progresja a brand new bass amp waited for us, lets see if Martin's luck changes... The Progresja turned out to be a cool venue, having hosted many Death Metal gigs like DEICIDE, VADER, HYPOCRISY etc., and they welcomed us with great food and drinks.

Raider success!

The support act this evening was very cool, and our concert turned out awesome, Warsaw people being very supportive.

"Pizza" from Volturyon in drinking mode after the show.
Great afterflow in the Progresja bar...

We noticed that merch sold more than expected on the tour so far, but what about the cvlt cassettes?? Seems like the trve old school format is not too popular behind the curtain anymore? Good for the people coming to the last shows of the tour, I suppose...

Not much more to say, we left in the night with a bus full of cash - most of it on the bus floor. Win!

The 95% president for Rude Boy Club!

Rude Boy Club - Bielsko Biala, POLAND - 30/10:
Waking up outside the club, around 09:00 in the morning, the local crew and some bikers are still ripping it up since the day before. They invite us to the place and Sverker and Martin has a steady breakfast consisting of 95% alc booze shots. "Not drink, not play". Perfect way to start a working day, especially since we always thought booze tastes best around 95%<.

Quite some sweet scene, random speedfreak-chick running around talking randomly, bikers with their breakfast and people on the street going for lunch. Mr soundtech also had his share of breakfast, probably hadn't slept for some 2 years or so, and to help him out we decided to do an early soundcheck so he could go home and sleep some hours before the concert. (needless to say, this never happened)

A waiting beer before the nice dinner.

Around lunch time the biker guys finally realizes it's time to throw in the towel, so they take their cars and go home one by one... For obvious reasons the organizer didnt fix any food, so we get some cash to do the town ourselves instead. Luckily, the restaurant totally fuck up our orders, so we get a good adventure there.

Back at the venue SLYTRACT and VOLTURYON did good shows, and amazingly the sound engineer did a good job although his eyes starts rolling back a little now and then. When it's time for us to rip Rude Boy up the audience are warm, and the gig turned out very good, with good support from the people.

After the show, we are of course not allowed to drink anything but vodka. Everything else is "out", poor us...
It feels a bit lame having to leave Poland, but hopefully we will be back in a not too distant future.

Not drink, not play. Remember that kids!

The Rude Boy himself...