Monday, October 31, 2011

Unleashed In The East...

Propaganda Club - Vilnius, LITHUANIA - 27/10 2011:
Roads are getting bumpier, but clubs remain solid. Propaganda turns out to be some kind of old culture house from the Soviet era, perfect place to do our cultural deeds this Thursday. The place is rather big, with a very cool crew fixing the loadin and stage setup for us.

Fredriks double kick pedal broke down already after the soundcheck in Riga. Luckily he could borrow VOLTURYON drummers' pedal for the gig, but today he got to the biggest music store in Vilnius to get a new one. They had two pedals for sale; one home-made Soviet-style pedal, and one 200e Pearl-pedal. Life is good.

After a long soundcheck, we were driven to a restaurant for some "very serious food", and dozens of locally brewed beer brands to choose from. Back at the club the doors were already open. PARALYTIC from Vilnius did a good show opening the evening, and VOLTURYON had a great show too. After some interviews and more local beer, it was time for us to do our shit. (if you are from Vilnius and want to hear what Sverker sounds like dubbed to Lithuanian, you tune in FM104 on Monday)

Pro busdriver and drummer at Pöbben!
"Very serious food"

The show at Propaganda was awesome, the 130-140 ppl attending this Thursday really showed their support, with people banging and diving through the whole gig. Unfortunately Martin's bas rig kind of broke down (or at least started sounding less like an earthquake and more like a SIX FEET UNDER-guitar rig) but the show went on and we had to do many extra songs before the audience let us go off stage.

After the gig, we had to leave early to get Gdynia in time, so the good life continued on the bus. Thanks to the cool people in Vilnius for a cool evening, hope to get back there soon!

Rockz - Gdynia, POLAND - 28/10:
Long drive to Gdynia, bumpy roads and lithuanian headache... Finally there, had to set things early, for an early concert. Rockz is a smaller club than the previous ones on this tour, located in the city. SLYTRACT joined the tour from this gig, and they showed up already in "Tour Mode", so to speak...

Backstage area...
The backstage bar...

After some steady dinner, local band MANSLAUGHTER opened the gig early, followed by SLYTRACT. Also the cops showed up earlier than expected this evening, spending round half an hour on giving us a random 20 euro ticket. Snubbe.

The gig started well with a good support from the audience. Unfortunately Martin's bad flow continues, this time, the whole bass rig collapsed into the floor in the middle of the concert. After a short break fixing some kind of temporary solution, we continued playing, but could unfortunately not do the full set due to the curfew set by the venue. Next time, Gdynia!

Towards Warsaw!