Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eastern Death Infernal tour is on...

First off... We didn't update the blog during the summer. We intended to do an update after the Summerbreeze weekend, but the member responsible to handle it decided to not give a shit. So no blog for the summer, but here we go with some pictures at least...

Big thanks to all the people visited our gig at Summerbreeze, it was an awesome concert (and weekend in general)... And all supporters that bought our stuff there, our label manager shit his pant of excitement when he got to know how many people that bought our shirts. Cheers!

Towards Riga... 25/10 2001:
The tour started well. Our bus arrived in Avesta in the morning, and the VOLTURYON guys came to hop on. Needless to say, they forgot to bring half of their equipment, and have to drive faster than a paycheck disappears back to Borlänge to get the rest of the stuff. Already a couple of hrs late, the bus went back to Stockholm, and the ferry terminal.

Traditional ferry trip then. We better not write anything about it at all, it is probably best for everyone. At least the material destruction wasn't too bad, only a couple of lost mobiles, some video cam and a couple of emptied bank accounts. Slow starters.

...that simply means Hadderajjan!!
White Russian vs Long Island Icetea

Melna Piektdiena - Riga, LATVIA - 26/10 2011:
You are gonna be burned out sooner or later anyway, so you may just as well be so from day one. A tour package stepping off the ferry looking like the tour has already been on for 2 months is never a bad start. We got to Riga rather early, and the venue was only a couple of km from the ferry terminal, leading us to an early load-in. The venue had some 3-4 people doing the loadin for us fast and smooth, giving us plenty of time to set things up for the first concert.

Stage ready for boarding!

Only two bands played this show (Demonical & Volturyon) and the show was really cool, with a strong support from the Riga people. The Melna Piektdiena turned out to be a very cool place for some 600 people with great food and good personel, so the tour got a good start in that field!

Borlänge Deathmetal!

We tried to introduce the Latvians to "lill-lördag", but having to leave Riga after show, the work continued in the bus with some bottles handed over by the MP crew. Looking forward to get back!