Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Demonical line-up revealed

It is with great enthusiasm we can now reveal that guitarist Johan Haglund (Spasmodic) and drummer Ämir Batar (Tormention) have officially joined Demonical as full-time members making the line-up solid, determinate and ready to unleash death and decay over several continents during MMXIII and MMXIV. Choose your side!

It will be a true pleasure to team up with the guys in Demonical and spread their Swedish Death Metal Darkness.
/Johan Haglund

I’m very excited to be the new drummer in Demonical and it will be an honor to bash some Swedish old-school death metal drums.
/Ämir Batar

The new line-up pictured below courtesy of Eva Lammi. From left to right:

Daniel Gustavsson - guitars
Johan Haglund - guitars
Sverker Widgren - vocals
Ämir Batar - drums
Martin Schulman - bass