Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leipzig 1945

Statement from Dreamtide Music Management:

We are very sorry to inform you that the Demonical + Spasmodic + Hailstone show scheduled for Saturday 26.10 at Hellraiser in Leipzig, Germany, has been canceled by the promoter (Katrin Schönfuss @ Hellraiser) due to a miscalculation from her side. Being the second time this happens when dealing with the Hellraiser club we of course hereby heavily question their professionalism and basic skills in math.

We at Dreamtide Music tried to solve the situation and negotiate with Katrin in order to keep the date intact but without succeeding, she wasn’t even interested in our very generous counter-offer and insisted to stick to her decision which was delivered to us with a three days notice despite signed contracts and agreements valid since months.

Demonical, Spasmodic and Hailstone are very sorry for all their fans and followers - some coming from far away - who were about to attend the show in Leipzig but as you all surely understand the situation is beyond the control of the bands or management.