Monday, June 02, 2014

Soon off to Suomi... with a session drummer

So, unfortunately, due to last-minute work related issues drummer Ämir Batar will not be able to take part in the upcoming tour through Finland. But no worries, the drumming will instead be executed by our former skinsman Ronnie Bergerståhl.

We of course thank Ronnie hugely for stepping in with a relatively short notice and wish Ämir all the best at the slaughterhouse. Yeah, he works as a butcher...

Ok suckerrrrrssss, let the madness begin perkele!

04.06 2014 FIN - Lahti - Torvi
05.06 2014 FIN - Helsinki - PRKL Klubi
06.06 2014 FIN - Pori - Monttu
07.06 2014 FIN - Turku - Klubi