Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1%ers Deutschland!

The calm before the bestial invasion!

Bambi Galore - Hamburg, GER - 5/5 2011:
Back in Germany and Hamburg! We arrived really early in the morning, and spent the day getting burned in the sun.

We have some good memories from this venue, and the night was good again as always. After some chineese food for dinner, GLORIA MORTI, ARROGANZ and FERAL all delivered very good shows. The hamburgers are really into the old-school bag, and especially FERAL got a good response for their gig.

Last time we played here we brought an extra bag of cymbals with us by mistake, that we now brought back to the venue, which seemed to make us a bit more popular, hah! Thanks to the audience for a cool gig and mr Organizer for setting up things great and serving many chilling vodka shots as always!

By the way, Reeperbahn is not the only ladies district in Hamburg.

Black Sabbath - Bad Oeynhausen, GER - 6/5 2011:
Arriving early again, and another day getting burned... The Black Sabbath actually turns our to be the local club of Gremium (for those who dont know 'em, there is Google). We were showed to the backstage room, which was actually the local high-shots "conference room" where they sit and plan their strategies at ceo meetings, surrounded by memos on the walls (Treue, Brüderlichkeit, Ehre...). A supporter of lower rang kept a close eye on us during our whole stay (best job ever), while a brother of higher rang took care of the sound engineer duties.

Hadderajjan in the conference room at Gremium!

What could possibly go wrong? Nothing of course. Our gig turned out cool, and the Gremium guys turned out to know how to mix the whiskey-coke alright (in 0.5 litre glasses). We stayed at the venue some hours before leaving, and when the cops arrived and we asked if there were any problems, the locals informed us that the police must be very busy this evening, because they usually come much earlier. That's the spirit!

Scheiss pissparade!

The Rambler - Eindhoven, NL - 7/5 2011:
ANOTHER day arriving early, ANOTHER day of formaldehyde fun (and joy in the sun). The Eindhoven people seemed to share our joy and the city was kinda busy in the day. After load-in the in-house engineer Michael Moore arrived, and together we fixed the most uber-fat sound in history of Death Metal. The local promotor was a really cool chick who fixed some good thai food for us (or chineese maybe? well... asian!) and we also got the best beer of the tour so far (and it was cold!).

Kai Arroganz & Pablo

Some people in the band ate so much as usual that the gig almost had to be cancelled. But professionals as we are, we pulled it off! Unfortunately the Eindhoven crowd was not the biggest or wildest of the tour so far... But parts of the crew compensated for that! Off to Southern Holland then... ehm... Belgium... 

That's the spirit!!