Monday, May 23, 2011

Joy in the sun...

Tirish Pub - Banská Bystrica, SLO - 18/5 2011:
Woke up in Banka Bysten dying in the heat (around 150 degrees today). In Eastern European style, the owner of the club had moved another gig in last minute from another venue to Tirish, so when we were about to load in, we were informed that there would be a Pink Floyd cover band playing until 7 (at the same stage, eh?). The owner surely knew how to use the club to its full potential!

So we spent the day in the city waiting for food most of the day and checking out the local weapon and porn stores.

Arroganz makes people go berserk!

At 7 we did the fastest stage set-up in history of Death Metal, and got things going. The Banka fans are truly dedicated and all bands got a good response from the audience. During ARROGANZ' performance four cops stormed in with automatic guns, and we thought the party was over... Fortunately, it turned out that since the club had no security themselves, they called the cops when a guy in the audience spilled beer over the merch-table and then did some private moshing during the gig, smashing bottles and cutting up his arms (the merch aside, that's fuckin dedicated!).

After-show duties at the venue lasted til 04, and then we said ciao to our former merch-guy, and took off to Prague...

Modrá Vopice - Prague, CZ - 19/5 2011:
Today around 200 degrees warm and joy in the shade. We played at Modra Vopice some 2 years ago, on the open-air stage. But now there was no open-air stage anymore, and we did the gigs inside the club.

The band BRUTALLY DECEASED from Prague opened the concert with some very good old-school DM. These are dudes we played with before, and they always do well. Also Curby showed up with Obscene ads, and we did a couple of interviews for Cz and Polish magazines who really knew their stuff, which is always cool.

It was nice to have the concert inside the club, and the atmosphere was very good. Our gig was satisfying, we feared a no-show from the audience since PRO-PAIN played at a club just 200m away, but a lot of people showed up and the place was packed with old-school DM fans.

The night was spent at Modra Vopice with the most wasted bartender in history of Bartending (who eventually passed out on the bar, and drinks were free...). Horns up loyal Prague people, looking forward to be back!!

Out of order and service!