Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ljubljana and Vienna - win/win!

Channel Zero - Ljubljana, SLO - 15/5 2011:
Is it true, or are we dreaming? After almost 2 weeks on the road, suddenly it's happening; we wake up in Ljubljana and it's RAINING! In fact, it's a little... cold...

Day and evening spent at a hotel near the venue. Sweden played a game of ice hockey vs Finland that we watched in the evening. Unfortunately it was only a preparation game for the next olympic games so it was nothing we really cared about (don't even remember the result).

This was actually the 4th DEMONICAL-gig in Slovenia in 2 yrs (3 in Ljubljana and 1 at Metal Camp), and we have always had a great support here. Unfortunately some American DM band we don't remember the name of (with some ex member of MORBID ANGEL) played at the same venue the day before (Saturday), so this evening the audience was unfortunately smaller than it has been before.

Anyway, it was a cool evening, and once AGAIN the "Death Infernal" CD's were sold out. And we still have five gigs left on the tour...?

The post-concert duties are already legendary, and lasted at Ch0 until the cleaning lady showed up around 05. It then moved to the Box Bar, with the management going out the window, while the driver spent the night in jail.

Markus & Martin celebrating Finlands hockey gold!

Day-off - Ljubljana, SLO - 16/5 2011:
Day-offs suck. Total lack of management, and nothing to do. But at least we got something done... the awesome promotors at Ch0 let us use the venue in the day to record some photage for a video that will be out in some months (maybe).

Jalla-Jalla dominated as usual, and our friend Ljubljana-Bengtsson also had some kind of dub (?) club in the evening at Ch0. This event was probably the weirdest of the tour so far, and looked like a in-door parody of 1970's Gärdesfest. Common... nothing got better in 40 years, wake up and smell the demise, hippies...

Breakfast in Vienna

Escape Metalcorner - Vienna, AUT - 17/5 2011:
Ok, weather is back to normal again... Warm as hell. It's been two years since we played in Vienna last time, so it was cool to be back. Unfortunately we had some technical problems this evening; to begin with the local support band had filled the power outlets with water, causing short-circuits all the time until they were replaced, and as soon as we got going, Pablo's guitar rig fucked up. But that's life, and the crowd this evening was very supportive... As soon as Pablo got his guitar going, the gig was really great.

The venue before it was packed!

Thanks to all the cool people showing up this evening. Unfortunately Escape closed early, and we had to leave already around 02, with Jackie, our former merch-guy, on board as well. Lets go to Slovakia...