Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Final "Death Infernal Tour" blog entry!

Rosenkeller - Jena, GER - 20/5 2011:
Back in Jena, after 2 years! In fact, when getting to the venue in the day, our cool host of the evening informed us that it was actually on the 20th of May 2009 that we played here last time. Interesting coincidence (?).

After gearin-up with strings and stuff in the day, we did a very good soundcheck, and everything felt promising. The organizers fired up the grill and the day was complete!

BBQ photo by Narstrand.

To our surprise, our former merch-guy Jack showed up again (having been dropped off in Prague the day before). Needless to say, it turns out that PRO-PAIN followed us all the way from Prague to Jena, and Jack went with them. PP will play a concert 200m from Rosenkeller - kind of ironic (and too bad for them!)

The evening turns out great. A lot of ppl showed up, just like when we played here 2 yrs ago. Fans of ARROGANZ had traveled to Jena for the show, and they got a good response for their show, and the feedback for FERAL was awesome too. When we entered the stage it was already after 11, and the concert room was packed. We delivered our entire set of Death Metal classics until we had no more material to play, and the response was awesome.

Feral guys and Leif Edling backstage!

After-show duties at the Rosenkeller, until they finally closed the place... Then off to the classic Titty Twister of course to check some other great performances, and to some kind of weird club at 'Wagners' (which didn't seem to have much in common with Wagner) where our great sound guy changed profession and served the drinks while the local promotor showed where the cabinet should stand.

Total lack of order and orientation, and epic bus call at "07:00" (yeah, right).
See you great Jena-people again - May 20, 2013!

TreibsAND - Lübeck, GER - 21/5 2011:
Lübeck was our last destination of the tour before going home to Sweden, and we had no idea what to expect since we never played here before. Being experienced in this business, we knew that nobody would wake up for the "border-shopping" the morning after, so we did that shit during the day in Lübeck instead (and suddenly the bus weights an extra ton).

The venue is actually part of some kind of "alternative" trailer camp, a big camp full of old trailers surrounded by bushes and trees, only 5 minutes walk from the city centre. The inhabitants seemed cool, some of them probably was here since the place opened in 1978.

Soundcheck photo by Narstrand.

Soundcheck went good, turns out the in-house guy knows Swedish and he made a good job. The whole venue and stage is very good in general and everything seems promising. We are served unlimited amounts of great catering (it just keeps coming) and there is even an "office opens" note backstage, which we followed strictly.

To our big surprise neither HATE ETERNAL nor PRO-PAIN plays in Lübeck tonight! There are three other concerts in the city though, but this turns out to be no problem either, a lot of people shows up, and the evening turns out great. People are banging through the whole concert and when we play "Death Metal Darkness", the ruthless FERAL guys shows up on stage banging and screaming with us. When the audience wants more, we play the classic "Bow to the Monolith", and as the final track for this tour we do "Götter des Nordens" with Kai from ARROGANZ on the lead vokills from hell.

The office is open...

This was surely a good ending of a great tour, but sometime after 03:00 we have to end post-show duties and say goodbye to our friend in ARROGANZ, to head towards Sweden!

Death Infernal Tour-package 2011 - Cheers!!

Back on Swedish soil - 22/5 2011:
A long trip back to Stockholm, first with ferry to Trelleborg from Sassnitz and then to the mighty Avesta dropping off the backline and parts of the band and management. Around 02:00 in the night we finally arrived at Arlanda airport where FERAL says bye, and then the last dudes are dropped off in Stockholm city in the night before the tour bus can head back to the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

It has been a truly awesome tour, thanks to the great guys in FERAL, ARROGANZ and GLORIA MORTI, and our great crew Markus and Chris, but most important: all you great people who came to the shows and banged and moshed and showed your support to real old-school Metal ov Death! Thanks for a truly memorable crusade and many awesome concerts!

It is now time to re-charge our batteries for a while and return with full force in late August at the Summer Breeze Festival! More tours and concerts may also be announced, so see you people in the pit!!