Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rippin' it up Belgian style!!

The satanic OHK venue!

OHK - Oostende, BEL - 8/5 2011:
Oostende is located by the sea, which was kind of fitting considering that the weather continued to be ripping, July-style. We arrived early in the morning again, and as people slowly woke up in the heat with the taste of Gremium whiskey in the mouth, we checked out the city and the sea (which was basically the same thing).

The gig was some kind of mini festival with a total of six bands playing (the full tour package + two local supports) and the first band was gonna start at 16.00... therefore we were at the venue before 12 to start setting up the stage. Well, not really. The venue let us in around 14, and then it was time to set up the stage for all bands. Belgians are known for being joyful and optimistic people, and this was proved again as the local bands shows up around 15 oclock with another two full backlines to set up (making a total of 4 drum sets).

Busy tourmanager and bassplayer!

Enough about that. It was a cool venue to play, and as the first band started to play, they weren't as delayed as we expected them to be really... only a little. First up a grind band with two vocalists delivering a crazy show, and then a BM band with a bit younger musicians.

Aleksey and Ronnie not busy!

Chef Speedfreak fixed a very tasty dinner, and it was a nice evening seeing back some old friends in Aleksey, Eve of Beer and others. Unfortunately most people left the venue directly after our gig, and we left Oostende early after saying bye to our great Camgirl and management assistant, Luc, EoB, and all the others, and continued the party in the bus towards the UK with some tasty drinks and 2 kgs of really good duck meat that we got from our Russian friend.